Do you feel uncontrollable itchiness?


Do you have large amount of pimples?

Popping pimples

Well here's a solution to your problem... =)


          An antibiotic (anti-bacterial to be exact) from Actinobacteria. It is mostly used to treat acne (blackheads/whiteheads or pimples), common problems of male or females going into puberty.

Brand Names:
  • Sumycin
  • Terramycin
  • Tetracyn
  • Panmycin
Every drug has it side effects. And some of tetracycline's side effects are:

Tetracycline Stain
  • can stain developing teeth
  • can cause permanent teeth discoloration (for more information on tetracycline stain click here.)
  • anaphylactic shock
  • drug-induced lupus and hepatitis
It can also be used as a marker for biopsies to test bone growth.


  1. Aureomycin - Dr. Benjamin Duggar
  2. Terramycin - AC Finlay et. al.
These are the first group of tetracycline to be discovered and after these discoveries more subgroups have been discovered. Please refer to this link for more information.

Reference: Clinical Diagnosis and Management in Laboratory Methods 21st ed., John Bernard Henry et. al.